In contrast, Bank Syariah That

One question that always comes up in seminars or training and socialization of Islamic banking (Islamic Bank / iB); what differentiates between conventional banking Islamic banking? The penanyapun always berergumen "for me there is no difference between conventional banking Islamic banking with it. The difference is only in pengsitilahan derived from Arabic and other terms contained in the classical fiqh books. For example, mudhorobah, murobahah, ijaroh and istisna ". Another question is always repeated, "what Islamic banking services be supported by facilities which are spread evenly throughout Indonesia"?

Meanwhile, the speaker or speakers are always explained patiently. One answer often heard, "Islamic banking in its business interest but does not run on the basis of profit sharing and other Islamic principles." Responsibility is always followed by his pen, "why when dealing in Islamic banking is still difficult not as easy as imagined also remain current excess return. So if so what's the difference "?
Not infrequently a question like that just shows the cynicism and give the argument that Islamic banking is not nothing compared to the conventional banking. Generally, the ratio is still at least about 80 percent of customers with a calculation of the target markets of the Muslims in Indonesia are also comparisons of conventional banking assets. Surprisingly again, comparisons are sometimes skeptical tone that emerged from practitioner prbankan sharia itself. Ironic ...
When the comparison between Islamic banking with banks konvensionbal clearly not be the same. First, in terms of principles, Islamic banking does not recognize interest. The principle of this flower also affect the following products both on sale and purchase or financing. Meanwhile, interest-based conventional banking which became the basis of its business or in English is called interest. Second, although there remain different equations. One of them in the role of mediation. Both act as the agency that regulates traffic and memanej plainly where the funds collected from society disalurakn.
There seems nothing wrong in people's perception towards Islamic banking. Because berbasisi sharia, synonymous with social institutions such as the institution amil zakat. So when there is difficulty in accessing funding Islamic banking, with immediately blamed "sharia is only used as a cover for business, if so is tantamount to commercial banks."
As a financial institution which is also a business institution, adherence to Islamic banking business principles that are naturally required to support employees and generate a minimal advantage for survival. Thus, Islamic banking as well as other financial institutions as business entities that do not benefit ansich despite being pursued. There is a higher mission than just material gains, namely applying economic values ​​listed in al-Quran-as-Sunnah.
If so, precisely those differences that must be strengthened and made the allure of Islamic banking. In the science of marketing is the term differentiation. Since Islamic banking is a business entity, he is entitled to apply the differentiation and emphasize her more than just a regular bank.
Just think of the term alone is different. When the English-language conventional banks, Islamic banks in Arabic. Foreign matter, whether the English terms in the banking konvensianal no stranger to the ear of Indonesia which is rich in local languages ​​and economic systems. Never mind the new 20 years as people familiar with the term Islamic banking today, already hundreds of years it seemed only a few people who understand in detail the terms of conventional banking. Perhaps the most familiar of interest in English together with interest. This is where the importance of aplicabel than the introduction of the term. If Islamic banking is really perceived benefit, then people will not care if it uses the term interest or mudhorobah.
For the writer, the difference was absolutely necessary. Islamic banking practitioners need not feel worried by kekurangakraban community of Arabic terminology in banking. That's what sets it apart. If you want the same in both the term and the paradigm of society, to what is Islamic banking. Is not one of the functions al-Quran as a differentiator or al-Furqan between right and falsehood. So the presence of Islamic banking is essentially the concept is taken from the Quran and as-Sunnah, should act as a differentiator in economic behavior as an effort to prosper the people of the world. Wallohualam. (*)